Export/Download all the Images embedded in the Outlook email (.msg) and download them all together in one single file or PDF.

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What our service does:

When someone takes photos on their phone and sends them as an attachment to your outlook email, the photos are embedded in the email in the text field area and not as attachments. If you need to save, forward or print those photos, you’ll need to right-click on each photo, click save as, and select the location where you want to save this. This is very time-consuming, mainly if the email includes many photos.

Our free online service allows you to automatically, with one click, export all the photos embedded in the email and download them all together in one file (zip archive file) or automatically convert them into a single PDF file and download it.

How to use it:

Our service allows you to upload or drag and drop any outlook email in (.msg format) and extract images/photos attached to it. 

To use our service, drag and drop the email where you have the images embedded into the window on our website that says “Drop your files here.” Or you can save the outlook email on your desktop (or anywhere on your PC)., drag and drop it or click the Upload Files and select the files on your PC.  

Our service currently supports email in outlook format (.msg). You can select multiple files at once, and the maximum file size is 30Mb.

Additional benefits:

GDPR Friendly

We don’t receive any of the information users upload. 

The conversion of the images is done on the user side and not on our servers.

Easy conversion

Besides the extraction of embedded images, our service automatically converts the pictures. It converts JPG, HEIC, PNG to PDF or downloads the archive (zip) and automatically converts photos into JPG.

Reduces the size

Our service automatically reduces the size of the images when it converts them to PDF or when it converts HEIC files to JPG.

Easy photo management

Our service allows you to send, store, and manage the photos from your emails. You can have the images compressed in one single archive (zip file), stored in a single folder, or a single PDF file.


You can access our online service from any PC, Linux, Mac, or mobile phone/tablet. It doesn’t require a user to download or install any software and is free for use.

You can contact us via email: bl34ry[at]hotmail.com with the subject “saveoutlook.com”.


P.S. Should you require to convert Images (any format) into a PDF, check our another GDPR friendly website that converts images – JPG, PNG, GIF, HEIC, TIFF, BMP, WEBP, and PDF to PDF.